Visit with the Lucanders

This weekend we got to hang out with our good friends the Lucander’s, who were staying at a campground up in Rumney, NH.

On Saturday, Michele got to hike the Tripyramids with Ursula all day and I was on kid duty.

In the AM I took the boys to the Woodstock watering hole.  This spot has some awesome natural water slides.  The boys had a blast but the water was so cold their entire bodies were becoming number.  We went back to the lodge for lunch and then headed over to Rumney in the afternoon.  There we met up with Dave and Lily.  We played at the Baker River, which is a much warmer and sandy river.  We took Eli and Aaron over to Rumney rocks to try rock climbing outdoors for the first time.  Eli loved it.  Aaron wasn’t sure about the experience.

After rock climbing we grilled and had a fire.

On Sunday we met a contractor in the AM at the lodge and then headed back to Rumney to hang out for a  little bit before heading home.

Overall great weekend catching up with old friends!

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