Parents visit for the first time!

This weekend Dave’s parents visited the Lodge for the first time.

Michele was traveling for work over the weekend, so on Friday night Dave drove up with the boys.

On Saturday morning Dave took the boys to the playground in Sugar Hill center, to kill some time before the parents arrived.

Turns out the playground was a big hit, there were a ton of trucks for Tommy to play with, and enough to keep the older kids occupied for a little while.

After the parents arrived we then had to hang around the house for the internet guys to arrive and install service.  We definitely wanted to get internet, primarily for remote home monitoring services (nest, security, etc.), and satellite was the only option.  Turns out the satellite internet is fast enough for netflix and everyone’s devices to be running in parallel.

After nap time we went into Littleton and did Chutters, the music store, and the toy store.  The kids know how to capitalize on the grandparents visit!

After shopping we went to Dutch Treat in Franconia for dinner.  It’s very much a local place, but good atmosphere for the kids and decent grub!

On Sunday we went to the transfer station to get rid of all our garbage that has accumulated from the move, and then got a ladder at Lowe’s, things made easier by borrowing my parents pickup!

After chores, we went to Clark’s Trading Post.  The boys had a blast on the snake slide, train ride w/ the wolf man, the bear show, and of course, shopping in the gift shop.

Once we finished up at Clark’s we headed back to the Lodge, my parents left, then I fed + bathed the kids, and we went back home.

All in all a successful, fun weekend at the Lodge!