Closing Time — We’re officially Lodge Owners!

This past weekend we began our journey as owners of our dream vacation home up in the white mountains!

We took Friday off of work and drove up to do the final walkthrough.  They really did a great job of cleaning the place out, it was spotless.  Then we went to Mascoma Bank is littleton for the closing.  The whole process is different than MA.  We didn’t even have a lawyer.

After the closing we drove back to MA and picked up a 26′ UHAUL truck.

On Saturday morning we had my brother-in-law, Murat, help load the truck up.  It took us about 4 hours to load the truck.  Once we were done we headed up to the Lodge.

We hired movers to help us unload everything, since it was just myself, Michele, and the boys, and we had enough work cut out for ourselves in setting things up.

The movers had problems finding the house, but eventually made it.  It only took them about an hour to unload everything.

The rest of the weekend was spent unloading boxes, setting up beds, and arranging furniture.  We had Polly’s for breakfast on Sunday, which was a huge hit.

We definitely need to figure out the AC situation, the house gets pretty warm in the day, but then quickly cools off at night.  On the drive back we were all pretty cranky.  The boys went to bed late and woke up early, and we were all just tired from the long weekend.

Next weekend, Eli and I are planning on heading up to continue setting things up.  Then the following weekend we’re planning on an extended stay as Michele and Eli tackle Mt. Washington.

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