Visit with the Lucanders

This weekend we got to hang out with our good friends the Lucander’s, who were staying at a campground up in Rumney, NH.

On Saturday, Michele got to hike the Tripyramids with Ursula all day and I was on kid duty.

In the AM I took the boys to the Woodstock watering hole.  This spot has some awesome natural water slides.  The boys had a blast but the water was so cold their entire bodies were becoming number.  We went back to the lodge for lunch and then headed over to Rumney in the afternoon.  There we met up with Dave and Lily.  We played at the Baker River, which is a much warmer and sandy river.  We took Eli and Aaron over to Rumney rocks to try rock climbing outdoors for the first time.  Eli loved it.  Aaron wasn’t sure about the experience.

After rock climbing we grilled and had a fire.

On Sunday we met a contractor in the AM at the lodge and then headed back to Rumney to hang out for a  little bit before heading home.

Overall great weekend catching up with old friends!

Winter is here!

The North Country is now in full on winter mode!  The daytime temps are in the 20’s-30’s and the peaks are all covered in snow!

This past weekend we had some light flurries on Saturday.  The boys got to pick out their own shovels at Lowe’s and had a blast playing in the dusting.  We can’t wait to create our sledding run in the front yard.

Unfortunately there’s a chance I won’t be able to put in the hockey rink if the ground is alreadyfrozen solid.  I’m going to attempt it anyways this weekend.   Note to self to install this in October next year!

In other news I purchased a Thule Roof Box at Rack Attack in Natick.  Great store.  These boxes are expensive but will allow us to transport all of our ski gear to and from the lodge each week, and protect them from the elements.

This upcoming weekend we are going skiing at Bretton Woods w/ the Holman’s.  Everyone is excited for our first weekend at the slopes of the season!

Fall Storm, disconnected from the Lodge

So we had a huge storm (wind + rain) at home and up at the Lodge this week.  The kids had no school on Monday and Tuesday.  The entire town of Sugar Hill has no power.  Apparently our street is impassable with downed trees and power lines.

It’s strange being disconnected from the lodge and not knowing if everything is OK there.  It’s become clear how important it is to have a connection to the neighbors and a caretaker being so far away from the house.

It’s now day 2 and still no power, looks like the electric company has 30% of customers without power, so it may be several days.

We’re planning on heading up this Friday, so hopefully things are cleaned up by then!


Vaca – Days 4 + 5

On Wednesday we visited Dave and Ursula, who were staying at a campground in Gorham.

We headed to a river nearby (Wild River) and hung out there a while.  Afterwards we hung out at their campground, played in the arcade, had a fire truck ride, went swimming in the pool, made dinner, had smores, etc. etc.

The kids had so much fun that we did it all again the next day!

Overall, it was great to catch up with friends and the kids had a blast!


Vaca – Day 1

We spent Saturday at home in Westford.  It was Tommy’s birthday.  Eli had a sleepover at his friend Allyson’s house, so I just had 2 boys for most of the day.

We kicked off the morning by finishing the rest of Rogue One.  It was my first time seeing it, overall I thought it rocked.

After making the boys breakfast, I took them to the toy store (Learning Express in Acton).  Tommy got to pick out anything he wanted for his birthday present.

To my total surprise, he picked out some plastic fruit and cooking utensils.  Aaron got a loom with his own money.

After the store we did a car wash, then went back home, had lunch, and took a nap.

After nap time, my sister, her husband, and his mother came over.  They helped with the laundry, and watched the boys while I ran out and did some errands.

Eli came home and we went out to Chili’s for dinner, and had Kimballs for desert.

Overall, a low key day, but we’re now ready to head up to the Lodge tomorrow morning!


Summer Vacation Time 2017

We’re now on vacation!  This might be the first week long vacation I’ve been on in a year?  Unfortunately Michele has to travel for work, so it’s just me and the boys until next Friday.

Here’s the current laundry list of possibilities:

Near Westford

  • Canobie Lake Park
  • Ocean Beach
  • Water Country

Near Lodge

  • Weir’s Beach (lake winnipesaukee)
  • Whale’s Tale
  • Hiking
  • Santa’s Village
  • Story Land
  • More Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Echo Lake Beach
  • North Conway Train ride
  • Loon Mountain Gondola
  • Forest Lake Beach

I’ll post updates throughout the week!

Closing Time — We’re officially Lodge Owners!

This past weekend we began our journey as owners of our dream vacation home up in the white mountains!

We took Friday off of work and drove up to do the final walkthrough.  They really did a great job of cleaning the place out, it was spotless.  Then we went to Mascoma Bank is littleton for the closing.  The whole process is different than MA.  We didn’t even have a lawyer.

After the closing we drove back to MA and picked up a 26′ UHAUL truck.

On Saturday morning we had my brother-in-law, Murat, help load the truck up.  It took us about 4 hours to load the truck.  Once we were done we headed up to the Lodge.

We hired movers to help us unload everything, since it was just myself, Michele, and the boys, and we had enough work cut out for ourselves in setting things up.

The movers had problems finding the house, but eventually made it.  It only took them about an hour to unload everything.

The rest of the weekend was spent unloading boxes, setting up beds, and arranging furniture.  We had Polly’s for breakfast on Sunday, which was a huge hit.

We definitely need to figure out the AC situation, the house gets pretty warm in the day, but then quickly cools off at night.  On the drive back we were all pretty cranky.  The boys went to bed late and woke up early, and we were all just tired from the long weekend.

Next weekend, Eli and I are planning on heading up to continue setting things up.  Then the following weekend we’re planning on an extended stay as Michele and Eli tackle Mt. Washington.

The first post!

We are in the process of closing on our vacation home up in the white mountains.  We are super excited and thought it’d be fun to create a blog tracking our progress as we move in, set up the place, and enjoy it.

We’re also thinking this site can be used to get directions, view a shared calendar for free weekends, etc.