Anniversary Weekend, Mt. Wildcat

This past weekend (9/29-9/30, I’m a little late posting), Michele and I spent the weekend alone at the lodge.  My parents watched all three kids and we were able to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary in peace and quiet!

We decided to do the wildcats on Saturday, which include 5 peaks and 2 four thousand footers.

The trail starts off at Pinkham Noth visitor center.  We got there around 8:30am and the main parking lot was already full.  The leaf peepers were all out in full effect!

The trail cuts over to the start of the Wildcat Ridge Trail about a mile in.  From there it’s very steep all the way to the ‘D’ summit.  After summiting the D (which is also the ski mountain summit, there was even a wedding going on up there when we arrived), it’s not too bad making it across the other peaks to the A summit. 

None of the summits are marked, besides D which is obvious.  The only ones with a view were D and a lookout at A.  

After relaxing for a while at A, we descended down into the 19 mile brook trail.  We then hiked north back to the highway and walked over 3 miles south along the highway back to Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. 

Overall it was a 13-14 mile hike and we were both pretty beat by the end of it.  We grabbed a drink in Barlett at the Cabin Fever Restaurant.  Afterwards we had dinner at Reklis Brewery in Bethlehem.  Unfortunately we were so exhausted from the hike I think we were just done for the day.  

On Sunday we did some shopping and Michele got new ski boots.  

Overall we had a great weekend with some quiet time and a great hike!

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