First Tracks 2018-2019

This weekend we got our first tracks on Cannon for the ski season.  The boys had Monday before Thanksgiving off, so Michele took them to Bretton Woods for the day.  After Thanksgiving, we all headed up Saturday morning.  Dave took Eli and Aaron for a few quick runs on Cannon, and dropped off some gear to get tuned up.  

We had the Holman’s up on Saturday evening.  The kids all had a blast in the new hot tub, which has been getting a good amount of use so far.  On Sunday it was raining, but we decided to ski regardless.  There were about 30 trails open, and some awesome snow conditions.  The only issue was the rain and getting completely trenched.  

The boys had a blast skiing the front 5.  Avalanche and Zoomer were open but pretty bare.  Rocket and Gary’s were in better shape.  We made it to about mid afternoon and then headed back to the lodge to do some picking up, dinner at Enzo’s in Lincoln, and then back home.  

It’s looking like a minimum of another foot of snow is going to drop this week, making for some good conditions next weekend!