First Ski Weekend!

This weekend we had the Holman’s up.  We rented a house with them all last season and really had a great time.  This year they are renting a place up at Stowe so, unfortunately, we aren’t going to be seeing them as much.

Luckily, Bretton Wood’s opened up the season early, so we were able to go skiing this weekend!  Only 3 trails were open, the bunny slope, Ben, and Range View.  The place was pretty empty, no lift lines.  Also, the average experience level was very high for this mountain.  Most of the people were on ski teams, getting some early season practice in.

At first Tommy (now 4) forgot how to ski, but quickly picked it up about half way through his first run.  Hard to believe this kid was doing black diamonds at Cannon at 3 years old!  The other 2 boys were kicking butt.  They’ve really turned into amazing skiers.  They can fly down any trail at Bretton Woods with ease and good form.

On Sunday the weather took a turn for the worse and was pouring rain.  The older kids went to do some indoor rock climbing.

I get to spend the rest of Sunday and most of Monday at the lodge by myself.  It was great to accomplish some home improvement projects.  I did some painting, organizing/storing the summer gear, and put up the Christmas Tree.



Winter is here!

The North Country is now in full on winter mode!  The daytime temps are in the 20’s-30’s and the peaks are all covered in snow!

This past weekend we had some light flurries on Saturday.  The boys got to pick out their own shovels at Lowe’s and had a blast playing in the dusting.  We can’t wait to create our sledding run in the front yard.

Unfortunately there’s a chance I won’t be able to put in the hockey rink if the ground is alreadyfrozen solid.  I’m going to attempt it anyways this weekend.   Note to self to install this in October next year!

In other news I purchased a Thule Roof Box at Rack Attack in Natick.  Great store.  These boxes are expensive but will allow us to transport all of our ski gear to and from the lodge each week, and protect them from the elements.

This upcoming weekend we are going skiing at Bretton Woods w/ the Holman’s.  Everyone is excited for our first weekend at the slopes of the season!